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Dark Granite Worktops

Take a bolder approach with the signature black granite worktops. The most popular colour choice across the range of different styles, black makes the ideal contemporary or modern day kitchen, giving a luxury look and feel and a naturally beautiful effect. All our black granite worktops are available with a 10 year warranty.

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Absolute BlackClick for more Absolute Black Was £316.00 £284.40 per sq/m
Star GalaxyClick for more Star Galaxy Was £386.58 £347.92 per sq/m
Black PearlClick for more Black Pearl Was £275.56 £248.00 per sq/m
Black StormClick for more Black Storm*Exotic* Was £386.58 £347.92 per sq/m
Cosmic BlackClick for more Cosmic Black Was £459.73 £413.76 per sq/m
Nero ImpalaClick for more Nero Impala Was £275.56 £248.00 per sq/m
Steel GreyClick for more Steel Grey Was £333.78 £300.40 per sq/m
Baltic BrownClick for more Baltic Brown Was £275.56 £248.00 per sq/m
Blue PearlClick for more Blue Pearl Was £386.58 £347.92 per sq/m
Emerald PearlClick for more Emerald Pearl Was £420.00 £378.00 per sq/m
Viscount WhiteClick for more Viscount White Was £459.73 £413.76 per sq/m
Nero CosmosClick for more Nero Cosmos Was £386.58 £347.92 per sq/m
Angola BlackClick for more Angola Black Was £355.77 £320.19 per sq/m
Sky BlackClick for more Sky Black*Exotic* Was £275.56 £248.00 per sq/m
Blues In The NightClick for more Blues In The Night Was £421.78 £379.60 per sq/m
Honed Absolute BlackClick for more Honed Absolute Black*New* Was £329.33 £296.40 per sq/m
Tan BrownClick for more Tan Brown Was £275.56 £248.00 per sq/m
Labrador AntiqueClick for more Labrador Antique Was £660.00 £594.00 per sq/m
Volga Blue ExtraClick for more Volga Blue Extra Was £479.11 £431.20 per sq/m
Black Storm Leather Click for more Black Storm Leather Was £399.91 £359.92 per sq/m
Steel Grey LeatherClick for more Steel Grey Leather Was £344.89 £310.40 per sq/m
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